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While Sandberg is the latest egregious example, she’s in good company. E.J. Dionne, a master of the form, tends to include just about every famous person he has ever met in his end pages. “[I]f these acknowledgments are a bit long, I hope the reader will forgive me. It’s because I have a lot of debts to pay,” he writes at the close of (The list is actually very useful in that it offers a much more concise evocation of why Americans hate politics than the book itself: Look no farther than his lengthy list to be reminded of Washington’s much-maligned clubbiness.) Chelsea Clinton was recently thanked in the acknowledgments of Andrew Solomon’s Cheap Sale Great Deals Mens Carlos Loafers Salamander Visa Payment For Sale 7kK6wVApg7
, and also scattered faux-carelessly amidst the long list of Brooklyn writer types who’d read drafts of Gideon Lewis-Kraus’s , suggesting either that Ms. Clinton has a particular interest in highbrow modes of self-discovery, or that those interested in highbrow modes of self-discovery have a particular interest in her. In Al Gore’s , he thanks 73 individuals by name, including Ray Kurzweil (he’s writing about the future, after all), Jared Diamond, E.O. Wilson, and someone named Bill Simmons (no, not that one) who cooked “terrific meals during the innumerable working sessions in Nashville.”

Gore’s tribute to someone I assume is household help illustrates that acknowledgments are not only a place for social positioning, they also serve as a reminder that it takes a village to write a book. It’s difficult to locate when exactly this mode became de rigeur, though it had been codified enough by the 1990s that published an essay on the many cats and dogs who had been thanked in academic acknowledgments. Lately, the image of the solitary writer seems a distant one. Gretchen Rubin, author of , thanks “Everyone at Inform Fitness,” every single member of her two separate children’s literature classes, her working writer’s strategy groups, her book group for adult literature, and the “friends from blogland who have given advice and linklove.” “I only hope I get to meet them in real life one day,” she says. Womens Corail 03 Boots Laura Vita Sale From China fXdCg
In her book , Arianna Huffington also thanked the help: In her case, the staff of the then-nascent Huffington Post, which she seems to have turned into de facto factcheckers and researchers for her (other) personal project.

How did we get here? “You don't see Joseph Conrad thanking Ford Madox Ford, or Virginia Woolf giving shout-outs to Leonard, Lytton, Vanessa, Clive, and Vita,” the (often thanked) editor of the , Lorin Stein, told me via e-mail. “That kind of thing mars the real intimacy of a novel, which is—or should be—between writer and reader and nobody else.”

Regardless of the consequences, an etiquette of acknowledgements has emerged that might be part of the problem. I have been thanked in one acknowledgement section, a friend’s debut novel that I’d casually read. While I didn’t expect to see my name and was happily flattered, I also imagine that if I’d been forgotten, I would have wondered why the people who did appear were so much more helpful or important than I. Alex Star, an editor at Farrar, Straus and Giroux, compares the pressures attached to the acknowledgements pages to the social norms surrounding tipping. “No one wants to be a less generous tipper,” and no one wants to be the person who forgets the little people in his or her moment of glory. (Stein, for his part, resists the for-politeness-sake acknowledgement: “What's wrong with a handwritten note?” he wondered. “You didn't win an Oscar. You wrote a book, and—as a matter of mere statistical fact—the odds are it's about to be remaindered.”)

Or maybe the recent mutual admiration party run amok has something to do with the dire economics straits of book publishing. One publishing world insider reminded me that book parties have been severely scaled back in recent years, and so a thank you in the acknowledgements can take the place of a few free drinks and a short speech for the assembled guests.

Just as with book parties, there can be intrigue over who makes it in. Pamela Paul, features editor at , says that the ’ policy of not assigning book reviews to anyone who’s thanked in the book has led to some behind-the-scenes machinations. Authors will purposefully include someone they fear will pan them in those influential pages—or leave out someone they’re hoping will get the assignment. It’s a somewhat shocking degree of calculation for something that is—supposedly—merely about expressions of gratitude. All of which leaves one to wonder whether, had it been the custom in Machiavelli’s time, the acknowledgments for might have given a run for its money.

Those namedropped include not just colleagues (“Dave Broder is an inspiration to anyone who writes about politics”) but just about anybody he was likely run into at the cocktail party of a conspiracy theorist’s dreams: Mandy Grunwald, Mary Matalin, Bob Shrum, James K. Galbreith, Newt Gingrich, Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, Jim Cooper, Alessandra Stanley, Haley Barbour, Sid and Jackie Blumenthal, and Jane Mayer, among many others. One boldfaced name from whom Dionne could not be accused of trying to curry favor is “the late Lee Atwater.” At least not in this life. Perhaps he was merely being forward-thinking. helped with filing as an LLC. After completion they made a strong sell to be my registered agent. After one year of providing this service I realized they weren’t providing any service at all. When I attempted to cancel my service they threatened to send me to collection agency.”

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Last updated: by Jess Miller 7 Comments

What is postpartum sweating?


Jess Miller is a loving mother that wants to help other parents by giving them helpful parenting tips and reviewing the best products for their children to save them time, money, and hassle.

Jess Miller says

Hey Jess, it’s you, but from the past. Congratulations on your first article ever! Just thought I’d drop by to say keep up the good work and that I can’t wait to see where the site goes!

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jacky says

Hi Jess, Unfortunately I don’t agree with some of what you have written. There is in fact a well understood physiological reason for postpartum sweating. The retained fluid and excess blood from pregnancy needs to be excreted and this is done via urine, breath and sweating. This excess sweating is called Diaphoresis. When giving the advise to: “Turn up the air-conditioning or open a window”, you neglect to mention that there is a newborn baby that is unable to regulate its temperature in the first weeks after birth (the exact same period that mothers are experiencing this excess physiological sweating) and that neither airconditioning or an open window (possibly creating draft) is good advise for this newborn, which should at all times be with its mother in the first weeks after birth.

White Pascale Wanderlust Boots Dr Martens Free Shipping Sale Ul1BNZlavS

Hi Jacky,

Thanks so much for this valuable piece of information. You inspired me to research this further and you are indeed correct. I have removed the advice. Thanks again for your input!

Keep being awesome!

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Rebecca says

Hi jess,

I gave birth on the 21/10/2015. I started sweating mid January 2016. I sweat during the day and at night and it will be on and off. when start sweating, my clothes will be hot. My BP is164/80 so I dont no weather is BP or something else. Please help


Leighann says

I hated this advice bc I hate trying to fall asleep while cold. I didn’t even think about my newborn that sleeps right next to my bed!?! Guess I have a lot to learn about being a parent. I’m mad no one thought to tell me about these horrific night sweats. Every morning my husband asks me if I enjoyed my swim :P


Hope says


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